Be rewarded for
playing your favourite games

Bit Rivals redefines gaming through an innovative AI-powered platform, seamlessly merging AAA games and the Blockchain. Bit Rivals allows you to earn real world rewards and crypto just by playing your favourite games.


Bit Rivals puts the power back in the players hands by bringing together the best parts of play-to-win and play-to-earn in to a single platform. Earn rewards by simply playing your favorite games, competing in tournaments or by diving into our metaverse by minting your own NFTs and etching your Rival Hero’s name in history. With our platform, the choice is yours!

Compatible games


The Bit Rivals ecosystem consists of five main zones. Explore what these zones have to offer by clicking on their icons below.

Player Hub

The Rival Hub is a directory of all Bit Rivals players, where players can:

  • Compare their stats against others
  • View game specific or global leaderboards
  • Trade items directly between players
  • Create an eSports team
  • Add other players to their roster
  • Start a squad chat using our built in VOIP and chat program


Rival Arena is the heart of Bit Rivals. This zone allows users to create their own tournaments for the games of their choice and host them either publicly or privately.

As long as players have registered a Rival ID, they can enter tournaments at the click of a button and winners of the tournament take the prize pool.


Rival Rewards is a point-based rewards system that allows players to earn points by participating in tournaments or by simply playing their favourite games.

Players can expect to use their points to redeem rewards such as:

  • $RIVAL tokens
  • Profile cosmetics and NFTs
  • Official Bit Rivals merchandise
  • XP Boosters
  • Giveaway entries
  • Raffle tickets for gift cards and gamer gear


Rival Loot is the official Bit Rivals marketplace where players can purchase new items, take part in auctions (listing and buying), mint their own NFTs and buy official merchandise.

Players can expect to find items such as:

  • Profile backgrounds
  • Profile avatars
  • Profile picture trims
  • Profile titles
  • XP Boosters
  • Bit Rivals accessories
  • Much more


Rival Swap is our very own DEX tool that allows you to swap, stake, and farm $RIVAL.


Find the best rates for exchanging $RIVAL token to use across the ecosystem.


Find the best reward rate when adding $RIVAL and $BNB as a liquidity pair and gain interest on trading fees.


Stake $RIVAL to yield the highest single asset APY on your investment.


Our cross-chain functionality. Exchange BSC $RIVAL for pegged $RIVAL tokens on other chains, such as Ethereum, Matic, or Cardano.


The $RIVAL token powers the Bit Rivals platform, imparting genuine utility to our ecosystem and establishing mechanisms for automated rewards.


Total Supply

With a reasonable total supply of one billion $RIVAL, we're making sure that your token will carry lasting value.

Powered by

the Binance Smart Chain

We're putting the blockchain to work for you, using the latest developments in smart contracts to bring you the most value for your investment.

Passive Income

Staking and LP Rewards

A substantial portion of $RIVAL token has been delegated for staking and liquidity farming rewards bringing stability to the token economy.


Created with the help of experienced blockchain engineers and economists, the $RIVAL token will be allocated in a manner that is fair to the token holder and ensures longevity of the project.

Private sale
Public sale
DEX liquidity
Advisors / Partners
Team allocations
Future strategic sale
CEX liquidity
Staking/LP Rewards


Gaming shouldn't just be fun; it should also be rewarding. Bit Rivals offers every player a way to earn rewards and generate passive income, no matter their skill level, all through the power of blockchain technology. We strive to bring a unique blend of Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Win systems to reward players at the top of their game, while making sure that no player is left behind.


The audit assesses the code and underlying structure of the $RIVAL smart contract. It ensures that the smart contract is free of exploits and potential vulnerabilities.

An In-depth audit was completed by a team of blockchain experts at CertiK, one of the world's leading blockchain security providers.

A unique product and vision

We imagine a platform where players can earn rewards effortlessly, eliminating the need to engage in incomplete or uninteresting web3 games. Bit Rivals strives for inclusivity, ensuring that time constraints or lack of gaming skills are not barriers to earning. We want to create a safe asset for investors who wish to hold the token long term by leveraging our gaming community who will buy and hold the token indefinitely, as it gives them access to additional features of the platform.

Official LLC

Bit Rivals LLC is a legally-protected entity in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The jurisdiction was chosen due to its favorable cryptocurrency regulations and tax laws. SVG is famous for a cryptocurrency community that earned the name “Bitcoin Island”

KYC by Cyberscope

The team is fully KYC'd by Cyberscoper, a leading Blockchain Security company.


Bit Rivals is constantly evolving and improving. Our phased approach means that updates are broken down into realistic, achievable goals. Take a look at what the journey ahead looks like.

Our Partners

Take a look at some of the companies we've teamed up with to make Bit Rivals a reality.


We are a team of professionals with many years collective experience in design, UI/UX, blockchain technologies, web development, marketing, social media, videography, game development and more.


Jamie Coulter

Co-founder / Head of Design

Jamie brings extensive design experience, shaping the company's visual identity with a creative and strategic mindset. With a track record of successful projects, Jamie's keen eye for aesthetics and deep understanding of user experience contribute to Bit Rivals' innovative design landscape.


Spencer Kolssak

Co-Founder / Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Spencer leverages a strong operational background to ensure the company runs smoothly. With a focus on efficiency and optimization, Spencer manages day-to-day operations, streamlining processes and fostering a culture of productivity and collaboration.


Blake Toman

Market Researcher & Data Analyst

Blake is an adept Market Researcher and Data Analyst within the field of eSports. Blake's expertise aids in informed decision-making, contributing to Bit Rivals's strategic positioning within the market.


Liam Bigras

Head of Development

Liam is a seasoned professional in software development. With a proven track record of leading successful development teams, Liam oversees the technical aspects of Bit Rivals, ensuring high-quality code and timely delivery solutions.


Charlotte Mitchie

Head of Marketing

Charlotte is a results-driven marketing strategist. With a strong background in creating and executing effective marketing campaigns, Charlotte leads the marketing team in promoting the company's brand, products, and services to target audiences.


Logan Kolssak

Head of Business Development

Logan, in the role of Head of Business Development, brings a wealth of experience in identifying and fostering strategic partnerships. Logan leads initiatives to expand the company's reach, drive revenue growth, and capitalize on new business opportunities.


Joe Hardy

Community Manager

Joe is a skilled Community Manager, dedicated to building and nurturing relationships with Bit Rivals' user base. Joe fosters a sense of community, engages with users through various channels, and ensures a positive and supportive user experience.


Aivaras Navardauskas

Social Media Manager

Aivaras is an experienced Social Media Manager who excels in crafting and implementing social media strategies. Aivaras effectively leverages social platforms to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and communication with the audience.


Tray Northern

Senior Software Engineer

Tray is a highly skilled developer with a focus on crafting robust and scalable software solutions. With extensive expertise in coding and system architecture, Tray plays a key role in driving the technical success of Bit Rivals.


Clarance Ntwari

Full-Stack Developer

Clarance is a proficient Full-Stack Developer, bringing a versatile skill set to the development team. Clarance is adept at both front-end and back-end development, contributing to the creation of comprehensive and seamless software solutions.


Guangyu Song

Chief Blockchain Architect

Guangyu is a visionary leader in blockchain technology. With a deep understanding of distributed ledger systems, Guangyu oversees the integration of blockchain solutions into the Bit Rivals ecosystem, ensuring the security and efficiency of the company's technological infrastructure.


Steve Hubbard

Strategic Advisor

Steve Hubbard serves as a Strategic Advisor, offering invaluable insights and guidance based on years of experience in the industry. Steve's strategic vision contributes to the overall growth and success of the company, providing a roadmap for future development and expansion.


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